Monday, March 2, 2015

My purpose as a Missionary

From now, 7 days left..... On 10th March, I will "fly" to Cambodia in the morning. On 11th March, from Cambodia to Manchester, London.
I am really excited, so so excited for the new chapter of my life.
My mission will change the rest of my life because missionary work have been changing many many young men, young women all over the world, all over the time. It doesn't matter where and when we labour this significant work, we will change our own life, change other lives for eternity.

I am grateful for missionaries who have helped my family come closer to the Lord by "receiving the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end". This is the purpose as a Missionary and they've tried their best to fulfill their missions not only in 18-24 months but also for their whole life.

I found an inspired definition about "missionary" on Internet and I love it:

(Pinterest) Thank you, missionaries!
Going on mission is one of the most wonderful decision of my life. It is hard when I know that I would miss my family, friends, the church in my country-Viet Nam. It is hard when I need to set aside my own habits to follow missionary rules. And It is hard to come to a very new country that I have never ever came before. But "Let your faith be bigger than your fear". It is hard but It is possible, I can do it so you can. God loves me, love you, love each of us, Thy will protect us for our righteous choices. 

Before going on mission, be prepared!
1. Pray in every mornings and nights and wherever, whenever you need the guidances or simply you need peace for your soul.
2. Daily studing scriptures. Studying not Reading.
3. Partakinng the sacrament every Sundays
4. Be humble to stay for studying at Sunday school and Relief Society meeting (only women)/ Priesthood  meeting (only men). 
5. Writing down things you need to do. Don't trust 100% to your brain, you will forget if you don't write down. Things I love to do are 
 * sending email to friends who I need to say "thank you" and update how my mission preparation.
 * simple photoshoot before mission.
 * watching and then learning from inspired messages here
 * reading missionary's blog, there are some good tips.
 * creating your own blog, share what you feel, what you do for your mission. It will help people in need.
 *Be happy and Smile often
The time you wait for your mission makes you stressed out sometimes, there are many many things you need to complete and you may not know how to make it done at all. But wait, you are called by the Lord through Thy prophet, nothing can prevent you from this awe-som-est calling. YOU CAN DO IT!
Talking with your bishop, asking the returned missionaries (RM) around you, they are willing to help you out. We are here to help each other growing up, right?!? :)
Don't think that you bother your brothers and sisters, you will not know how meaningful their advices for you are. 

I planned just write email for some of my closet friends and then I felt "why don't I let all of my gmail contacts know about my mission updated?" "why don't I #sharethegoodness as much as I can?"
And I did. I recieved a lot of good wishes, wonderful tips from RM...
Here is one of my favorite advices from another branch president (there are only 2 branches in my city now) He said:

Remember, you are a rescuer, listen to the Holy Ghost and obey exactly. Let
1. Complete your assigned missions
2. Protect your companions
3. Rescure successfully
4. Return with honor...

I recieved the confirmation from the Spirit of God that I chose to do the right.

With Love,

My baptism with my Mama and My little sister (3 on the left side)
2 sister-missionaries (not in white) who brought my family His truth
Every one in this photo were smiling because they are so happy although they did not really pay attention to the camera!!!

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