Tuesday, March 10, 2015

England, here I come!

9 more hours and then my 18-month adventure begins. There was a "last" beautiful Sabbath day in my branch. I received a lot of hugs and good luck from brothers and sisters. Luckily, I did not cry a lot as I thought.

My sister and I sang a musical hymn in sacrament meeting. "Israel, Israel, God is calling", we practiced 4-5 times with a professional pianist, Duy Tien, returned missionary and awesome guitarist, Elder Tran.
I am grateful for this opportunity, for the invitaion from Taunya that we have chance to serve, to share our testimonies about God through beautiful hymns.
I learnt that we don't have to be perfect to do something. You don't have to make it so special, people can see beautiful moments in your simple acts. I sing not really well but I love it so I did it with all my best.

Tonight, I have a Family Home Evening with my family. We sang a hymn, we prayed, we shared our spiritual thoughts together. I know when I go to serve the Lord, God is with my family, I dont have to worry too much. NO WORRY, BE HAPPY!!!!


Ok, keep up with my blog. My sister, Hang, will help me to update on blog.

Good bye Viet Nam, I mean all people, all things, all places here. Love you a ton!

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