Saturday, February 28, 2015

Before Mission-10 days left

In 10 more days, this young girl, I mean, I, yes me, will be a full-time sister missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for 18 months. I was called to serve in England London South Mission with English speaking. Oh my heaven! I am still so surprised.  It will not be easy but it will be the best.
I am preparing to pack, meet some friends, relatives and keep calm!!!!

I can not forget the feelings that I have had from the moment holding the mission call envelope in my hand: happy,nervous, curious,freak out, excited, bored, (while waiting for visa, nothing much to do, no work,.....), challenged, brave, positive, negative,.... I can feel almost the feelings in this world just within 4 months.

On mission call letter, my MTC date was 29th January, before Tet holiday but God knew that I needed a little short time to prepare for my VISA and enjoy one more Tet with family so I stayed.
Talking about UK visa, it is totally different with what I heard about. I was interviewed through an sudden call by the embassy in Ha Noi after exactly 1 week submitting the application.
Especially I had no idea that they would call me, Coming the UK Visa Application Centre, it is not the UK embassy. I just felt...I was so lucky not to be interviewed for visa. Anyway I prayed alot for the guidance from the Holy Ghost, I learnt by heart the MTC/ Mission home address in London incase they might ask. Sound like i was too nervous but practice is necessary.
I was confused some first minutes but the word "BE BOLD" appeared in my mind. I tried to keep clam as quick as possible to answer their questions.
The important thing is let them know about my purpose on my mission and confirm that I surely come back to my country after 18 months.

*Be confident
*Be calm
*Be polite
*Be honest
*Be bold
*Be faithful

I have to say thank all brothers and sisters who pray, encourage and support me whenever I need. They are angels on earth that I am so blessed to know.
While preparing for those visa stuff, branch president, the senior couple missionary, the mission office in cambodia, they helped a lot. I would be lost without them.

OK! Try my best and believe in Heavenly Father's plan for me.

Waiting is hard, sometimes negative thought come into you. Things I did to save myself is praying, reading scriptures, coming to church, sharing those feelings with people I trust, listening their advices, listening to the Holy ghost, listening to my heart, smiling, laughing, singing, travelling. They all work.

Travelling, I challenged myself to travel with no-money-in-my-pocket (no advised). It was an LDSC activity in Lam Dong, 6 and 7th of Febuary. Elder and Sister Hymas invited the members to join with them.
I brought some candy, cracker, water, clothes, medicine, fone, ear-phone, low battery camera and my happiness, that is!
If you want to be happy, you can be happy. It was a good trip to me, everything is interesting.  Elder Hymas shared a short thought: Life is not easy, that is reason why we are here to help, to lift up other's lifes.

The YSAs at Dambti Fall, Lam Dong

Also, I challenged myself to be a baby sitter in 1 day. There are a lot of things in this world to reach out. Taking care of 3 kids is such a great experience before going on mission. And because I have been given much so I have to give others my hands when they are in need. Helping others with love make your life more beautiful.

Adorable kids that I took care for 1 day while their parents out of town (Elliot,Beverly and Ballard)

Now I know why I stay a little bit longer before serving the Lord with all my best. God's plan for each of us make us more happy. I am ready to go

She is Hang. my little sister, it is good to be with her on Lunar new year eve

I love to hear from you, family and friends. Here are some info:

Sister Tam Thanh Thi Nguyen
England London South Mission
The London Temple, West Park Road
Newchapel, Surrey
England RH7 6NB
United Kingdom

Life is an adventure!